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May 21, 2022

Join hands to stand up against off shore drilling to save our oceans, beaches and lands. 

Organizer Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the event organizers to do the following:

  • Invite dignitaries to speak (congressmen, senators, city council members, etc.)
  • Alternative transportation is highly recommended.
  • It is recommended you set up a Facebook event to help you promote and communicate with your participants.
  • Select appropriate KEY BEACH, RIVER, CAPITOL STEPS and PARK locations to hold events that have ample parking and minimal restrictions.
  • Make sure to walk around and invite individuals who are in the area the day of your event.  Just politely ask, would you like to join hands? 
  • Secure permits if necessary. Follow all local laws and be respectful of local ordinances and rules. Contact local businesses to assist with costs if they are willing to donate.
  • Work with State and Country organizers (if there is one) to ensure event success. Contact information would be at the top of the “Event Listings” on your state or country page. In addition, you can always contact us if you need help or have questions.
  • Use our helpful Event Planning Resources. Download tools – posters, newspaper ads, t-shirt design, press materials, etc. –  and get the word out. Posters are cheap and easy to distribute. Ask businesses to sponsor posters, banners or t-shirts.
  • Where possible try to get free advertising from like-minded radio stations and local informational publications. It never hurts to ask, we have received free radio time and ads. Post on community  event boards, radio, TV.
  • Secure photographers and videographers to document your event. Some events have even secured flyovers to document the occasion (with sponsorship, as this can be expensive, unless you know someone, or a TV station could do it).
  • On the day of the event, you can set up a table at the entrance of your event area with basic instructions for the participants.
  • Some people have used an old sheet to allow participants to outline their hand on the sheet and write messages about the cause they are supporting. Or make a sign up sheet so that you can know who came and for use in contacting them for the next year.
  • Encourage those around the event to join in as well.
  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST – TAKE PICTURES, encourage those attending to as well and ask that they send them to their elected officials as a powerful image of solidarity against filthy fuels. Don’t forget to send them to us. dedehands@gmail.com or submit them to us through our photogallery located here – Gallery

Responsibility of the State or National Organizers:

  • To be a point of contact for event organizers and assist as needed.
  • Speak by phone with each event organizer. Encourage and nurture their efforts. Embrace suggestions and pass them to Dave and the National Board.
  • Build alliances with business groups, business owners, environmental groups, and individuals who might help and participate in spreading the word and help with the event.
  • Build a list of organizations, towns and cities that have passed resolutions against oil drilling and post on state or organizer page.
  • Use whatever means are at your disposal to make as many people aware of this event.
  • Be able to handle media requests.