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Join Hands with us around the globe in silent solidarity to say NO to fossil fuels and YES to clean energy. Organize a 15 minute event, it’s easy

Posters, Banner & Flyers

Click image links below to download for printing. Download the posters and banners to a thumb drive and take it to your print shop.

Check with your local environmental organizations to see if they will help cover poster printing costs in exchange for passing out literature for their particular cause.

In addition, see if one of our Sponsors is in your area. If so, contact them and work together to help spread awareness of event and cause.

Surfrider Marketing Kit (ZIP)

Hands Across the Sand Poster with Text

No Offshore Oil Drilling, Yes to Clean Energy Poster

Join Hands – No Offshore Oil Drilling Poster [PDF]

Offshore Drilling Black Poster 

Offshore Drilling White Poster

Hands Across the Sand – Colorful Poster 


Hands Across the Sand – Offshore Oil Drilling Poster 

Hands Across the Sand – Editable Poster 

Hands Across the Sand – Surfrider Foundation Poster – Customizable [ZIP]


Drilling is Killing – Surfrider Foundation Poster [ZIP]



Defend Our Coasts – Surfrider Foundation Poster [PDF]