Hands Across the Sand Pensacola Beach

Hands Across the Sand is an annual gathering of people who come together to express their opposition to dirty fossil fuels and to champion a new era of clean, renewable energy and a sustainable planet.

What are we trying to accomplish? On the local, national and global level, joining hands sends a powerful visual message of human solidarity to our world leaders and decision makers. We gather to say no to dirty energy, and yes to clean energy. A line in the sand is a powerful thing.

Participants are encouraged to walk, bike, paddle, carpool or use mass transit to the beach. Join us at 5 pm. at the Pavilion for speeches, snacks, live music, and more.

We will move to the waterfront just before 6 pm. We will stand together, creating a line to the east of the Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier. We will join hands for 15 minutes to say “no” dirty fossil fuels and “yes” to clean energy.

Name : Christian Wagley

Email : christian@healthygulf.org