Hands Across the Sand Pensacola Beach – Will be held on May 17th

Join hands on May 17 with fellow residents, business owners, and tourists as we take our annual stand against oil and gas drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and a transition to clean energy.

Hands Across the Sand takes place on beaches around the world, as communities come together to send a powerful message of protecting the beaches and coastal areas we love.

We’ll meet at the Gulfside Pavilion for live music, education, and inspiring speeches about protecting our white sands and blue-green waters. At 10 am we’ll walk to the water’s edge to hold hands in silent remembrance of the 2010 oil spill and in support of a transition to clean energy from the sun and wind.

Hands Across the Sand comes at a time when more oil and gas drilling is being proposed in the Gulf. Yet the transition to the nearly infinite power of clean renewable energy is well underway, with explosive growth in solar and wind energy as Americans embrace the future.

Name : Christian Wagley

Email : christian@healthygulf.org

05/17/2020 09:00 AM to 10:30 AM