Hands Across the Sand, Newcastle

Join hands with hundreds of people to say NO to seismic testing and offshore gasfields in the waters off Newcastle and the Central Coast, and YES to a clean energy future!

As part of a national day of action against offshore fossil fuels, we will form a human chain along the entire length of Nobbys Beach. Together, we will restate the community opposition to offshore gas through this peaceful and symbolic action.

It’s 540m from the headland to the surf club, so we’re going to need big numbers! Last year we had over 700 people and came very close to covering the entire beach.

This year we intend to cover it end-to-end AND are also inviting broader networks to start events at other beaches!

This is a family-friendly event and everyone is welcome.

Bring sun protection and wear blue! If you have ear muffs, please wear these too – to symbolise the risks from the sonic blasts of seismic testing.

#JoinHANDS #StopOffshoreGas #StopSeismicTesting

When: 5 May, 2019. 10:30 for an 11AM start.

Gas company, Asset Energy, is planning its return to again blast deafening acoustic pulses into the ocean floor, just off Newcastle and the Central Coast, in search of gas resources.

At “the earliest opportunity” the company aims to undertake 3D seismic testing over a shocking 500 sq kilometre area of our beautiful coastal waters, risking the navigation skills of dolphins and whales, impacting delicate marine ecosystems and impacting on the way and life and future for everyone in coastal areas of NSW.

You will join a huge event that will show Asset Energy and its corporate partners what to expect from the community if they keep pushing their destructive plans.

The coastline of Newcastle and surrounds could be dotted with risky gas rigs if we don’t push back against exploration and development in the PEP11 zone.