Hands Across The Sand 2020 Emerald Isle

Our Goal:
To bring locals, vacationers, business owners, town officials as well as organizations together in promoting clean energy future across the world and to end our dependence on dirty fuels. We want Americans and global citizens at beaches and cities to draw metaphorical and actual lines in the sand; human lines formed on the sand to stand against fossil fuels that threaten the future of our life, ocean life, shore life and our beaches.

We invite you to Join Hands with us on May 16th 2020 at the Bogue Inlet Pier in Emerald Isle to create a powerful image to send to our elected officials as we hold hands from 12:00pm to 12:15pm!

11:15am – 11:45am: Register and mingle
11:45am – 12:00pm: Speak about the event
12:00pm – 12:15pm Everyone will hold hands for 15 minutes
12:15pm – 1:00pm Beach Sweep (so that we’re only leaving our footprints in the sand)
1:00pm- 1:05pm The event wraps up

Parking fee of $15.00 will be reimbursed if you depart by 1:30pm, just keep your ticket!

Hands Across the Sand / Land, founded by Dave Rauschkolb, a restaurateur from Seaside, Florida in 2010 in the same town Hands grew into an international movement after the BP oil disaster in April of that year. People came together to join hands, forming symbolic barriers against spilled oil and to stand against the impacts of other forms of extreme energy.

Name : Sabrina Hylton

Email : sabrinad@eirealty.com