Hands Across the Sand 2019 Manasota Key

Cause: Keeping our oceans plastic free!

Location: There are 3 options of beaches to choose from: Englewood, Blindpass, and Manasota beach. They all have different merits (for example Englewood beach is pay-to-park but might be the easiest to access for everyone, whereas Blindpass and Manasota beaches are free parking but require more driving – though very scenic!). There is a poll in the discussions page for this event, and we can all vote on our beach of choice!

(10-11am) Beach clean up. Please bring your own gloves (no plastic gloves) and buckets (no plastic bags).
(11-11:30am) Share our knowledge on various activities concerning the coastal environment.
(11:30-11:45am) Hold hands!

Name : Jenny Jaegal

Email : won04095@yahoo.com

Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/2718034738269028/