Hands Across the Sand 2019 Lantana Beach

Joining together Palm Beacher’s and Lantanimals! On May 18th 2019 1 pm we will gather for a hands across the Sand Event along our coast, to show our opposition to offshore drilling and seismic blasting- and the love for our clean and beautiful ocean -and the health and safety of its innocent and majestic creatures! This event is being organized by Olivia Melo 10 years old and Lillian Melo 8 year old, 2 local home schooled girls who love their beach. This event will be a public speaking opportunity for school aged kids. They will gather with peers, talk about the events purpose, pick out already made signs to hold for photos as we line up along the shore, and will have the opportunity to pick out an index card with a talking point or a few words about why protecting our ocean is important, and can then read or speak their own words into a mic/PA system that will be available on the beach. Save the date and join them in raising their voices to protect our oceans!

Name : Wendy Melo

Email : melowellnesscoach@yahoo.com

Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/action/388283198623771/