Hands Across the Sand 2019 Fernandina Beach

The Nassau County Sierra Club promotes a clean energy future with no seismic testing or drilling off our NE FL coastline. Join us as we ban together and join Hands to peacefully speak up against seismic blasting off of our shores and for the protection of our ocean ecosystem.

We are working to raise awareness of the plight of the North American Right Whale whose numbers dangle in the balance with only about 419 left in the world. Drilling activities could push Right Whales over the brink.

Help us build the momentum to support the massive opposition that has arisen from communities up and down the east coast against the Administration’s plan to allow 5 companies to acquire leases to explore for natural gas and oil offshore. Seismic testing in these areas would involve loud airguns which are considered harmful to marine mammals and other sea life.

Recently NOAA has been pressured to allow “for the incidental harassment of marine mammals, and associated mitigation measures, by companies proposing to conduct geophysical surveys in support of hydrocarbon exploration in the Atlantic Ocean.”

We oppose any impact to marine mammals especially the North American Right Whale.

If these efforts get far enough, land-based sites and facilities supporting any potential work offshore could be used to export to Europe natural gas supplies fracked in the United States.

Name : Juliana Ferreira

Email : bordersofheaven@hotmail.com