Hands Across The Sand 2019 Dunedin

At 10:30 – 11:30am we will be doing a causeway cleanup hosted by the Salty Soul Foundation. Look for their event “May 2019 Beach Cleanup Dunedin Causeway (Hands Across The Sand)” on facebook. Registration will be on the Southside of the causeway next to the public bathrooms. After registering, the clean up is for both sides of the causeway from bridge to bridge.

From 11:30 – 11:45 we will hear from dignitaries and environmental groups who may want to say a few words in support of the event and our oceans.

Registration starts at 10:30 at any table from some of our local environmental groups such as Sea Shepherd, Ocean Allies and Southern Alliance for Clean Energy along with other conservation groups.

Then we will join hands along the shore at 11:45-12:05pm or until we can get pictures and and drone video.

PARKING: Carpooling is highly encouraged as well as Bicycling or other modes of transportation. If you are driving, Please Please park on the South shore of the causeway. Or better yet, park east of the causeway and walkdown. Remember its May on Saturday in Dunedin. The causeway will be filled with tourists, jet skiers, and others who are enjoying our causeway.

The line we form symbolizes our communities resolve to fight the ever-present possibility of offshore oil drilling and seismic testing in our gulf waters. Our oceans, aquifers and waterways are critical to our survival as well as our marine life ecosystems, our economy, our property values, and our businesses.. Please come help us create Dunedin’s longest line. Hands Across the Sand is a movement made up of people from all walks of life; parents, friends, neighbors, small business owners, and more. We span political lines, geographic boundaries, and socioeconomic groups. We are united by the desire to protect our oceans, marine life, wildlife, our environment and our way of life. For more info on this solidarity http://www.handsacrossthesand.com/ Please share this event and let’s show how much our oceans mean to us and put Dunedin on the map! Please remember water (no single use plastic please, sunscreen and a hat :-).

NOTE: If you are doing the beach cleanup please bring garden gloves (not plastic) and any extra buckets or grain bags you may have since they are reusable 🙂

Name : Jeff Gow

Email : jeffgow1231@gmail.com

Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/311881166162258/